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Resource Links (Websites)


Listed below are links to web sites that may be of interest and value to you.  Feel free to check them out.

Account Inquiry Web sites

Investor 360 - A unique, holistic platform where you can access your portfolio anywhere and anytime

eMoney/Personal Financial View -  Your one stop reporting and planning tool

MetLife Account Access - This site will allow you to perform selected transactions on your accounts through the e-service tool.

Genworth Finacial Account Access - Allows you to view your accounts with Genworth Financial Wealth Management.

Prudential Annuities Account Access - Allows you to view your annuities with Prudential.

Allianz Annuities - Allows you to view your annuities with Allianz.

Transamerica Annuities - Allows you to view your annuities with Transamerica


Financial & Insurance Web sites

A.M. Best Company - The leading provider of ratings, news, data and financial information for the global insurance industry.

CFP Board of Standards - Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards Home Page.

Corporation for Long Term Care Certification

Free Credit Report - In an effort to allow individuals to monitor their credit history and track potential identity theft, the Federal Goverment allows a person to acquire one free credit report each year.  The place to visit for the free credit report is

International Association of Registered Financial Consultants - The RFC designation assures the public an advisor has, and will continue to maintain, the ability to serve in a professional, competent manner.

Million Dollar Round Table

Personal Financial Document Organizer

Savings Bond Wizard - The Savings Bond Wizard® helps you manage your savings bond inventory on your PC. It's a downloadable program that allows you to maintain an inventory of your bonds and determine the current redemption value, earned interest, and other information.  You can also print your bond inventory, providing you with an important record if you ever need to replace any of your savings bonds.

Informational, Government and General FYI Web sites

PBS Frontline:  Can you afford to retire - Baby boomers are heading for a shock as they hit retirement: vanishing pensions and inadequate 401(k) savings. What can be done?

State of Missouri Long-Term Care Partnership Program - Missouri's Long Term Care Partnership is a public - private venture designed to encourage and reward Missourians who take an active role in planning ahead for future long-term care needs. Partnerships are an alliance between the private insurance industry and state government to help Missourians plan for future needs without depleting all of their assets to pay for care. The future demand for long-term care services is expected to rise. Missourians need to plan ahead to ensure that the widest array and highest quality of services will be available to them.

72(t) Distributions from IRA accounts - The IRS Rule 72(t) allows for penalty free, early withdrawals from retirement accounts.  This allows you to begin receiving money from your retirement accounts before you turn age 59 1/2 without the normal 10% penalty.  Use this calculator to determine your allowable 72(t) Distribution and how it can help fund your early retirement.

Bank Rate - A great site to explore for general financial information.

Dollar Stretcher - A great site to explore for ways to make the dollars you have do more for you. Frugal ways to save money. As Ben Franklin said it, "self imposed economic scarsity."

Internal Revenue Service Home Page

Federal Citizen Information Center - Federal toll-free numbers, listed by agency.

Gas Price Watch - The world's largest consumer advocacy site for gas prices. They monitor gas prices across the country, so you can get the best deal in your area. Simply type in your zip code to find the best deals.

Help Your Child Succeed with

National Do Not Call Registry

Social Security Administration - To request a Social Security Statement via the internet or download a request form (SSA-7004).

Snoopy, Charlie Brown & Friends - The official Peanuts website.

Tax Freedom Web site

News and Publication Web sites

Wall Street Journal

St Louis Post Dispatch

Children, Education and College Savings Web sites

Applying for Financial Aid - Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Calculator.

Financial Aid - UGMA/UTMA Custodial Accounts - From "The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid" site.

Kids and Money

Saving for College - Your comprehensive information portal providing answers to your questions on education, career, government, finding student loans and more.

Local & Regional (Greater St. Louis & Missouri) Web sites


Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Inspired by Gospel values, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic lay organization, leads women and men to join together to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to those who are needy and suffering in the tradition of its founder, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, and patron, St. Vincent de Paul.

YMCA of Greater St. Louis - Has been an integral part of the Greater St. Louis community, serving kids, families, and adults through quality, values-based programs and membership. Through a variety of programs and services offered at our 20 metropolitan locations and in the community, we help people grow strong in spirit, mind and body. The YMCA builds relationships within families, between neighbors and around the world.

St. Louis Zoo

Maturity (Golden Years) Websites

AARP website

Harley Gordon - Harley Gordon's appearance on The Dolans Unscripted on CNNfn. Harley discusses Long Term Care insurance protection and its role if you live a long life, get sick, and need care. Harley Gordon is the President of CLTCC (Corporation for Long Term Care Certification).

NCCNHR - National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform

National Institute on Aging

National Long Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center

Medical & Support Web sites   - This is an explanation of the AAMR's Supports Intensity Scale. It is meant to replace IQ measurements for disabilities by determining how much practical daily living support a person needs.

Abledata - The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation.

Alzheimer's Assocation - The Alzheimer's Association is the world leader in Alzheimer research and support.

Autism Society of America

Exceptional Parent Magazine  

Family Village - Family Village - Global Community for families with members who have disabilities

Foundation for the Challenged

HealthLinks - A better life through healthy living.

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation - Keeping Medicare and Medicaid When You Work, 2005: A Resource Guide for People with Disabilities, Their Families, and Their Advocates.  This guide helps to explain the program rules for Medicare and Medicaid with regard to work.  Medicare and Medicaid have come to play important roles in the lives and the futures of roughly 20 million children, adults, and seniors with disabilities - and this guide gives people with disabilities new information to help them get the most from these programs.

IDEA Revisited - Download a new publication prepared by OSEP in July 2000

Learning Opportunities - Learning Opportunites for Individuals with Special Challenges.


Manny's Caring Hands

May Institute - State-of-the-Art Services for Individuals with Special Needs

Missouri Developmental Disabilites Resource Center - University of Missouri Kansas City site for the Institute for Human Development.

Moebius Syndrome Foundation - Information on Moebius Syndrome- National website.

MPACT Parent Training and Informaton Center - Parent and Child Advocacy Organization funded by the state of Missouri.

National Fragile X Foundation

National MPS Society - The National Society for Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) and Mucolipidoses (ML).

NICHcY - Basic Tips for Parents: Your Child's Evaluation

NICHCY - Disability Condition Fact Sheets

NICHCY - Parenting a Child with Special Needs

NICHCY - Resources for Adults with Disabilities

Parents Helping Parents - Parental Resource Center meeting children's special needs

Life Advice - Planning for Your Special Needs Child

The Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis - The Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis is a not-for-profit organization which serves as a "clearinghouse" for information on leisure, recreation and socialization opportunities for individuals with developmental disABILITIES who reside in the Greater St. Louis Area.  The Council works to ensure that individuals with disABILITIES are aware of and have access to activities and programs of their "choice."  For more information call the Recreation Council at (314)726-6044 voice/TTY.

Rehabilitation Institute - A not-for-profit that provides therapy, day care, training and much more for adults and children with special needs.

Special Olympics

Therapy Relief Incorporated - The mission of Therapy Relief is to be the first choice provider of Speech- Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Developmental Therapy services. We accomplish our mission by maintaining the highest degree of Service, Excellence and Integrity.

WebMD - Medical, health, and wellness information online.

Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities - You will find state specific educational consultants, psychologists, diagnosticians, health care specialists, academic tutors, speech language therapists, advocates, and attorneys. You will also find government programs, grassroots organizations, special education schools, and parent support groups. An excellent resource!